Revolution Tridem

Gives you a hauling versatility at the touch of a button. Features a rear lift axle to make the trailer California legal. The center lift axle gives you a 122" spread axle configuration to handle the maximum load for this trailer with ease.

See the Revolution on The Lifted Life

See why Steve Hill chose the Fontaine Revolution® on The Lifted Life.

Revolution StirLITE® floors

The supports are built into the StirLITE® floor and joined together by friction stir welding. This unitized floor design means more strength at less weight.

RASR siderail test
12x stronger than traditional siderails

The Fontaine RASR routed aluminum siderail is 12x stronger than the competition with more load securement options. Plus, it’s DOT rated the full length making load securement much easier.

Watch this video to see how strong
the Fontaine RASR rail truly is!