Revolutionary Bolt-On Bumper

Revolution trailers will feature a new new bolt-on bumper that meets current FMVSS/CMVSS standards. It looks great and cuts repair time dramatically! No cutting. No welding. Just bolt on and go! The new design includes round LED lights that are readily available coast-to-coast for easier repair/replacement. The new bolt on bumper makes repairs faster and easier to help keep your equipment out of the shop and on the road.

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NEW Revolution Tridem

Gives you a hauling versatility at the touch of a button. Features a rear lift axle to make the trailer California legal. The center lift axle gives you a 122" spread axle configuration to handle the maximum load for this trailer with ease.

Watch this video to learn about the Revolution Tridem.

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See the Revolution on The Lifted Life

Watch this video to see why Steve Hill chose the Fontaine Revolution® on The Lifted Life.

StirLITE® Aluminum Floor

The patented floor design is made possible by proven technology borrowed from the aerospace industry–StirLITE® friction stir welding.

Watch this video to learn about the Revolution StirLITE® floor.

Say goodbye to traditional crossmembers

The supports are built into the StirLITE® floor and joined together by friction stir welding. This unitized floor design means more strength at less weight.

12x stronger than traditional siderails

The Fontaine RASR routed aluminum siderail is 12x stronger than the competition with more load securement options. Plus, it’s DOT rated the full length making load securement much easier.

Watch this video to see how strong
the Fontaine RASR rail truly is!

Learn more about the RASR siderail.

Details make the difference

Recessed siderail face protects conspicuity tape for better visibility, longer life, reduced maintenance cost and keeps you DOT compliant.

Twice the convenience

Sliding winch track on both sides of trailer for driver convenience and easier, quicker load securement.

End the frustration

“Driver-friendly” sliding rope hooks also serve as strap retainer clips that eliminate hassle and reduce securement time.

Like we said ... convenience

The rope hooks can also be positioned to hold the winch pawl upright so that the winch can “free spool”. This makes it easier to pull more strap from the opposite side of the trailer.

Turtle power

Sliding chain tie-downs (turtles) are EASY to use and STRONG (5,500 lbs working load limit). You can position them with ease. They stow in a optional tool box rack when not in use.

More load securement options
than any other trailer

The RASR Siderail is DOT rated for chain securement the full length. Additional chain tie downs are located within the siderail giving you more options and even greater convenience.

Keep it compliant the easy way

The wiring harness runs down the center of the trailer totally protected by an aluminum cover plate. This virtually eliminates DOT inspection issues from weather related damage or road debris.

Built on a solid foundation

The robust design features the strongest mainbeam in the industry backed by the Fontaine XtremeBeam Limited Lifetime Warranty. Plus, there are no exposed crossmembers to collect debris. So you never need to crawl under the trailer to knock off the heavy mud, snow or ice to meet weight requirements.

Built to withstand it ... whatever you haul

The Revolution is rugged, strong and very light. It’s idealy suited for tough applications including hauling steel coils, building materials, pipe, vehicles and so much more! The RASR rail makes securing loads a breeze. It’s DOT rated the entire length, and it’s loaded with useful features that make work easier. Drivers love it. Join the Revolution today!

Have it your way

Contact your local Fontaine Dealer today to join the Revolution. Available in a wide range of configurations matched to your hauling needs:

  • Flat bed or Drop deck
  • Slide axle, lift axle or fixed
  • Tandem or Tridem
  • 45, 48 or 53 foot length
  • Your choice of models with ratings of 50, 52 or 60 thousand lbs concentrated load in 4 feet


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